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UniTT - Conventions: Formation of Embodied Memory



Program on Thursday, April 6th

Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg):
Welcome / Introduction   
1. Embodiment and Body Memory
14.15 Elizabeth Behnke (Washington):
The Transformation of the Time-Drenched Body


Javier Bernacer (Pamplona):
Neural Correlates of Habit Acquisition from a New Perspective
16.15 Coffee Break
16.45 Lanei M. Rodemeyer (Pittsburgh):
How Do We Remember? An Analysis of the Phenomenological Levels of Memory and Embodiment.
17.45 Break
18.30 Jörn Rüsen (Witten-Herdecke):
Public Talk in Alte Aula of Old University:
Das Antlitz des Menschen in der Tiefe der Zeit –
Anthropologische Grund­lagen der Geschichtsphilosophie
20.00 Reception at BelÉtage of the Old University



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